We run an adventurous programme which is outdoor focused and very much encourages the Cubs to partake in many exciting and learning activities.  The Programme is wholly fun based but encompasses education through play and enjoyment as well as friendship and community.

Cub activities can include such things as climbing, caving, kayaking, archery, shooting, pioneering, hiking, orienteering, making fires, as well as building, doing craft, cooking, first aid, safety, problem solving, with much running and chasing to develop their differing characters and attributes. Taking part in all aspects is key to their involvement and enjoyment!

Every year we also hold a weekend Summer Camp and other interesting Sleepovers, and each term we enjoy many away day trips and events which all the Cubs can participate in. These can include forest hikes, mountain bike rides, visits to museums, treks to castles, learning experiences at places such as Oceanography and Science Centres and many, many others.

Please come and enjoy the fun with us!

Akela and Baloo

Scouts Adventure