Uniform and Badges

Beaver Scouts wear a turquoise sweatshirt, this is compulsory.  There are also official scout ‘activity’ trousers which are the same right through scouting.  These are not considered compulsory for Beaver Scouts, but please try and wear plain, preferably navy, trousers/joggers.  Uniform is not worn to all meetings and it will be noted on the terms programme if it is a non uniform or scruffs meeting.  Neckerchiefs are to be worn at all meetings.


During the course of your time in Beavers many activities will work towards badges.   Badges are generally presented as they are earned, although sometimes there is a delay because we are away from the hut or we may need to purchase additional supplies.

We will ask you to provide evidence for certain badges such as swimming and musician, but will send details of the requirements for you to endorse.

It is our aim that every Beaver earns a full set of badges over the two years they are with us.


Cub Scout Badge Position

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